NameZachariah GENTRY
Birthca 1776
Deathbef 1834, Ray Co MO
FatherNicholas III GENTRY (1726-1787)
Misc. Notes
7/2/09 Gary Young,
One of the greatest set of records in Ky is the marriage consents.  They are individual loose documents and have original signatures including the bondsmen,  witnesses,  etc.   Unfortunately,  the ones for Adair County are lost.  After the LDS Church microfilmed them someone in the Court House decided they were no longer needed and discarded them.   The problem was that the microfilm was out of focus and of no use.  A lady named Burdette had read them and abstracted them so we have one person's idea of what they say.  But no originals!  Burdette's abstracts were published in 1975.
As to Green County,  I am uncertain,  but I realize that Zachariah Gentry's marriage to Elizabeth Phillips was recorded there.  So you might make an inquiry?   Surely,  I pursued that document,  but I cannot find it in my files.
It is getting more and more difficult to locate original documents and get copies.  Over-crowded Court Houses are sending records here and there,  sometimes to local historical societies which are now short of funds and volunteers and also located in insecure buildings.  Some are open one half-day per week IF the volunteer shows up.   A tragic set of consequences.

You are definitely on the right course if you try to obtain original documents supporting all your conclusions.  Do you have the deed in which the heirs of Nicholas Gentry are disposing of land in Adair County?   It is a significant document and proves Zachariah is his son.   Nicholas had left a will which was recorded,  but in typical south Kentucky fashion it has been lost along with all the other early wills.  He had obviously left his land to the children of his second wife, Sarah (nee Dicken),  so they are all named. (I can send you the deed by post if you don't have it;  too large for my scanner.)
1801 Green Co KY, Marriage Records 1795-1805
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness,, KY-Green, Mary Bishop,
Zachariah Gentry and Henry Phillips are bound and obtained a marriage license for the marriage intended between him and Elizabeth Phillips. - signed by Zachariah Gentry and Henry Phillips.
James Phillips certified that he is willing for the marriage between my daughter Elizabeth and Zachiriah Gentry. - signed James Phillips.
The Bond was a sort of formality carrying over from a previous time.  It was an agreement between the groom and a representative of the bride-to-be's family obligating them that a marriage would take place.  The consent form, by far the most important, is supposed to be signed by the person consenting to the bride's marriage,  so we should have here a real signature of "James Phillips" which I assume we do, though I am a bit surprised he was literate. I notice he wrote Phillips with double L's.   His son, Henry Philips, spelled it with one. After the marriage took place there is theoretically a third document called the Minister's Return in which the minister submitted to the court a statement that he had performed the marriage on a certain date. – Gary Young,, 8/5/09.
LAND RECORDS: Ray County MO Public Land Records,
Book B, page 174, executed on 15 April 1834:
John Gentry and Zachariah Gentry (and their heirs), for $160, bought  S half of W half of NW Quarter of Sec 19, Twp 52, Range 28, 53.81 acres, from Nicholas Gentry.  Lydia Gentry, wife, relinquishes her right of dower to the property.  
Book F, page 131, 8 Jul 1847
Historical reference to Deed of 5 Dec 1834, for $250, John Phillips (and his heirs and assigns) bought NE Quarter of the NW Quarter, Sec 19, Twp 52, Range 28, 53.5 acres but intended to buy NW Quarter of the NW Quarter of the same, from Nicholas Gentry (since deceased) and wife Lydia.  Henry Gentry, John Gentry, Nancy Curtis and Elizabeth Gentry, heir in law of the said Nicholas Gentry deceased, and Lolly Gentry wife of the said John Gentry, Samuel Curtis, husband of the said Nancy Curtis and the said Lydia Gentry widow of the said deceased, $1 to be paid to the said John Phillips. Signed by Henry Gentry, John Gentry, Nancy Curtis, Elizabeth Gentry, Polly Gentry, Samuel Curtis, and Lydia Gentry.  
BLM General Land Office Records,
1836 53.81 Acres, SE Quarter of the NW Quarter of Section 19, in Township 52-N, Range 28-W, Ray Co MO
1838 40 Acres, NE Quarter of the SW Quarter of Second 9, in Township 52-N, Range 28W, Ray Co MO
(Certificates in MM)
Gentry, The Gentry Family of America, 1676-1909, 1959.
5. NICHOLAS GENTRY, of Louisa Co, Va.](2) Nicholas II, Nicholas I
Born in Hanover Co., Va., about 1728. Married twice, first wife’s name is not known. Second wife was Sarah Dickens. First children all born in Louisa Co. except Blackston, who was born in Bedford Co., Va., in 1763. He probably returned to Louisa Co. after second marriage.
CHILDREN, by first wife:
1. DAVID (17), BORN 1754.
2. NICHOLAS (18), BORN 1756
3. JOHN (19), BORN 1758.
4. MARTIN (20), BORN 1760.
6. BLACKSTON (21), BORN 1763.

CHILDREN, by second wife:
7. Henry, born about 1772; married Pina Hall in Bullitt Co., Ky., in 1804.
8. Zachariah.
9. Wesley.
10. JAMES RICHARD (22), born in 1779.
11. Sarah Perrine, born July 8, 1781; married James Smith about 1799, and moved to Hardin Co., Ky. They had among other children a son, Washington Smith, who had a son, G. W. Smith, the father of Dr. David Thomas Smith, now living in Louisville, Ky. He attended the Gentry reunion at Meramec Highlands in Missouri, in 1899.
7/1/09 Gary Young,
Do you ever use that Bureau of Land Management website? There is a land grant to Zachariah Gentry in 1836 for 53 and 80/100ths of an acre. It was in the SE quarter of the NW quarter of Section 19 in township 52, range 28. You can download a copy of it on their website. You will notice that it may be related to some of the land mentioned in that last e-mail you sent regarding those convoluted Ray Co deeds. When you get the actual deeds, instead of every amateur abstract, it will hopefully make more sense.
Henry Phillips Sr. was born ca 1777 Va acc to 1850 census.  He died bef 10 May 1852 in Carroll Co Mo.  You may already have that,  but just noticed your pedigree did not show his birth or death.  Also,  his 1801 marriage on 18 March did take place in Green Co Ky--same place where Eliz Phillips married Zach Gentry. 
6/30/09 Gary Young,
I just came across an old query of yours. By now you may have answered your question as to Nancy's parentage. She was the daughter of Zachariah and Elizabeth (Phillips) Gentry. Zachariah was the son of Nicholas and Sarah (Dicken) Gentry. Zachariah Gentry died in Ray Co Mo probably before 1834, I think. I do not have any estate settlement for him, but his known heirs had to make a deed in 1847 (Book F, p 131-132) to settle and correct some deeds made within the family in 1834. Though the deed does not name Zachariah Sr, it shows his heirs to be Henry Gentry, John Gentry (who m. Mary Odell 1838), Nicholas (m Lydia Shelton 1833), Nancy Curtis. It also shows that Zachariah's widow, Elizabeth, was still alive. (She is in the 1850 census). Zachariah Jr was already deceased and I think he may have a will in Ray Co in mid 1847? The full texts of three 1834 deeds would probably clarify the need for this 1847 deed, but I do not have the 1834 deeds (All in Ray Co Book B: p174, 199, 199.) A deed by Henry Phillips & wife Nancy in 1836 (Bk C, p 13) may relate to all this as it is a deed to Nancy's brother John Gentry.

I do not descend from the above, but I descend from Benajah Brooks Gentry who married Rachel Phillips in 1809 in Adair Co Ky. Brothers married sisters. Rachel and Elizabeth Phillips were daughter of James Phillips of Adair Co Ky. Henry Phillips Sr was their brother so far as I can tell. You may want to write to the Ray Co Court House and get copies of all these deeds since it relates to your direct lineage.

The Gentry book does not discuss these Ray/Carroll Gentrys in much detail. They were relatively poor cousins of the author's lineage which received the most attention.
Gary Young
Birthbef 1785, Virginia
Deathaft 1850, MO?
FatherJames PHILLIPS (<1745-)
Marriage2 Feb 1801, Green Co KY
ChildrenZachariah Jr. (-<1847)
 Nancy (~1811-1880)
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